Harmonia v1.3.0 – 1.4.0 on the way!

Greetings! I should have updated this site one month ago, but it slipped through the workload. Development has slowed down lately, mostly due to burn-out. A website staff would be nice to have! Regardless, here’s the latest version of Harmonia, with some big Tower War upgrades!

Download Harmonia 1.3.0 on

What’s New?

Magic! Tower War upgrades! This version has some new visual effects, spell effects, AI improvements, performance upgrades, and two new maps for the Tower War game. A multiplayer server is up and running, give it a spin 🙂


From Tower War Screenshots on Imgur:
Festering Valley Cavern of Balance

From Magic Screenshots on Imgur:
Black Hole
M A G I C !


* Five magic spells are in and fully usable. Hoorah!
* Window now grabs mouse, allowing for mouse scrolling.
* HUD windows can now be expanded/contracted to show either more character detail or more map visibility.
* Stats now use a ‘Tag’ system for balance. In the HUD, rather than showing the player class, there are various icons representing bonuses (Blue) and penalties (Red) to stats.
* More rendering filters for sprites, specifically for magic and lighting.

Tower War Features
* New Map ‘Cavern of Balance’ (Map #2).
* Teams can be chosen when connecting.
* Lots of balance changes and AI improvements.
* Added more options to the ‘New Game’ window.
* New players connect at the level of the weakest player so team balance doesn’t immediately shift.
* Many, many bugfixes, tweaks, and performance upgrades.

Misc. Features
* Minor tileset beautification.
* Modified a lot of sprite frame details, and female sprites should look more lady-like.
* Animations now have ‘Subframes’ as well as ‘Frames’ for the purpose of animations.
* Sprite Editor can add (but not yet remove/copy/modify) subframes.
* New ‘Tag’ system applied to Battle Arena monsters.
* File Chooser dialogue now works a little better.
* Game/Interface sound effects are now on separate channels.
* New sound effects for user interface.
* Objects can now be glued onto other objects, i.e, “attacker.*weapon.tip”.
* New music track for swamp: “It Approaches”.
* Tactical icon resolution upgraded.
* Crossbow/Cannon now have proper arrows and animations.
* Sprite textures can now be exported to PNGs using the Sprite Editor.
* Explosions no longer have shadows.

* Unit orders should no longer persist when the order is over.
* Fixes to Windows/Linux background process launching and management.
* Fixed some potentially game-stopping network bugs.
* Reorganized a lot of files, which means a full update is necessary.
* Sprite Editor bugfixes – it doesn’t lock up constantly anymore!
* Updated artwork for the grid to be the same pixel size as common tilesets.

Internal Changes
* Render engine now uses a more advanced (and cleaner!) shader management layer.
* Several server-side performance optimizations.
* Textures are now sorted by name in splay trees.
* Sprite limb system overhauled to be much more versatile.

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