Harmonia v1.2.1 – The Cheesetopia Project

So, today is April 1st – international troll day. I had this devious plan to post an onslaught of images featuring Mice fighting each other with PEWPEW laser blasters on a Cheesemoon. Screenshots would be posted, tweets sent out: “Harmonia has been renamed to Cheeseland, you fight mice on the moon, blahblahblah.” Tilesets were crafted, space lasers and helmets were drawn, lighting effects were upgraded to create the proper ambiance for an abandoned moon base, and a cheesey plot (lol pun) was written up. After a few days of work, it turned out to be so much fun that now it’s a real thing! It’s not finished, but it’s well on its way 🙂 Download it here, from

Download Harmonia Demo V1.2.1 – The Cheesetopia Project*
* Delete any previous version of Harmonia before installing.


Cheesetopia First Room larger_battle low_oxygen dead_mouse earthscape


* Cheesetopia mode!
* Early NPC dialogue.
* Allies/enemies can be selected and targetted using the HUD.
* Hovering over tiles now highlights their entities.
* Terrain grid is always visible during mouseover.
* Holding ‘Ctrl’ now hides entities for item/terrain selection.
* Better, sleeker font for basic text.
* Holding ‘Shift’ now shows attack ranges for weapons/entities.
* AI now makes decisions before executing their turns.
* Buggy sprite editor now available from the main menu.

Misc. Features
* Hitting ‘Esc’ now closes all inventory windows.
* Sprites no longer adjust their colors based on default luminance.
* Lightmaps are now rendered properly.
* Small HP font beautification.
* Increased ‘X’ box for closing windows.
* Terrain rendering now uses the same method for mouseovers, making all highlighting much easier.
* Sprite editor has more ‘Attachment’ control.
* UI buttons are a little bit easier to see.
* Different arrows can be specified for animations.
* Tile layers can now pulsate.
* AI think time is now slightly random so they’re not 100% in sync.
* Extra ‘shadow_offset’ property for sprites.
* Some extra sprite shadow beautification.
* Cannon/longbow now uses plasma bolts.
* Current and total files to load are now displayed.
* Empty containers are now listed as empty.
* Added notes to Cheesetopia, small tweaks, some extra script.

* Bots respawn again in “Tower Wars”.
* Client/server combat movement speeds are now synchronized properly.
* Several fixes to enemy AI tracking.
* Targets were broken when removed and re-added too quickly.
* AI now properly remembers its orders instead of throwing them away.

Internal Changes
* Multiple default fonts for options buttons, headers, text, HUD, etc.
* Overhauled sprite drawing code.
* Linux version can now spawn the server from the client.
* Classes now register themselves for character creation.
* Mods can now change character classes, default key modes.
* Subtextures are now scaleable using texture_draw_box().
* Torches now appear held in character’s off-hand.
* ‘Limbs’ can now use color data from other sprites (for equipment).
* Tile layers can now have ambient glow.
* Negative health generation now works.
* ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ effect searches are now available.

Enjoy 🙂
— Simon (Synival)