Harmonia v1.1.0 Available for Download!

Features are done, bugs are squashed, polish has been applied – Harmonia is ready to go! This is a big one, so enjoy 🙂 Download it here from

Download Harmonia Demo V1.1.0 – Multiplayer


Harmonia New Game Window Harmonia Tower War


* ‘New Game’ window for mod selection and options
* Created options for Battle Arena mode
* ‘Multiplayer’ is now available
* HUD for ally/enemy level and status
* New, bigger, less-italicized font
* ‘Tower War’ mode for single- and multi-player
* Tower War server available 24/7 at
* Time-of-day and torches removed from Battle Arena and Tower War
* Overhauled the chat window
* Players now have a ‘Display Name’ for use in chat
* Can now hit ‘f’ to order your force to follow a selected unit
* Probably a hundred bugfixes
* ‘Double-tapped’ keys are now boundable
* Keys 1 through 0 can be double-tapped to center the camera on a unit
* Hold ‘shift’ or double-tab WASD to run or move camera quickly
* Defeat now displays a message rather than disconnecting immediately
* Hold ‘shift’ for item details.
* New ‘Crystal Biome’ audio track

Misc. Features
* Additional tips
* Several UI Upgrades
* Battle Arena balance changes
* Old-school Telnet mode no longer enabled by default
* Fewer assets are uploaded from the server
* Zero-damage attacks now show ‘Fail!’
* Improved client/server handshake and version control
* Letterbox mode during combat has been temporarily disabled
* Difficulty orbs for Battle Arena have been relocated.

Internal Changes
* Rewrote client/server option system
* Split script files into mods in the new ‘mods’ folder
* Changes to sprite orders to improve performance/traffic

— Simon (Synival)

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