Harmonia Tactics v1.4.1 + Trailer!

Before clicking the download link, check out our new trailer!

Neat, huh?

Moving on… Bugfix release! A lot of crashes were fixed, some of them pretty critical. Slime Runner! didn’t even run, which was surprising, considering it was the last thing tested before the v1.4.0 release. Mysterious! Other than that, crashes should be at a minimum now, and chat in Tower War has teams properly color-coded.

Download here, from!



  • Additional vertical angles for Slime Runner!.
  • Slightly harder to die in Cheesetopia.


  • Slime Runner! runs again, derp.
  • No more division-by-zero errors when height penalties aren’t defined.
  • HUD no longer causes crashes, especially when quitting a game.
  • Tower War names now properly reflect players’ teams.
  • Scenes no longer continue playing while server is paused.
  • Tutorial no longer hits account player limit.

— Synival

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