Harmonia Tactics: Engine Demo v1.4.0!

Another release, only 2 months late – hurrah! This release features a tutorial, cutscenes, height-based gameplay, and lots of engine upgrades. The cutscenes and engine upgrades pave the way for some significant game content, which makes this release an important “bridge” to bigger and better things.

Aside from a bugfix release, this is likely to be the last public release for a while. It’s time to start churning out content for the game and working on the story, artwork, maps, etc. There is still plenty to do programming-wise (the basic controls could use some improvement!), but it’s time to move onto the next phase of development, which should be fun, if not interesting.

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Game Renamed from ‘Harmonia’ to ‘Harmonia Tactics’


Being able to find the game on Google is pretty important, so we’ve tacked “Tactics” onto the end of the name so you can do that. Big thanks to Detocroix for the logo! (@Detocroix,

Cutscene Fun!

Already featured in last week’s post, the Rollcoon is making his appearance in this scene demo. It may not look like much, but this scene plays out in real-time online, visible by other players, without interrupting gameplay of any other your characters. Neat! Again, big kudos to Detocroix for this little creature.

New Tower War map: Paradox

Tower War Paradox

Paradox is an experimental map designed to test height-dependent damage bonuses and movement restrictions. There two paths with one-way staircases and several high-elevation sniper points. The map is also freakin’ nuts – the entire map is visible at once for planning strategies, which can be mind-warping at times. Get ready to rotate the camera all over the place!

Full Changelog:


  • Game renamed to ‘Harmonia Tactics’, complete with new logo!
  • New tutorial to explain basic game concepts.
  • Real-time cutscenes.
  • Four single-player demos for new game engine features.
  • Height is now a factor for troop movement.
  • Attacking from high places provides a bonus.
  • New ‘Paradox’ map added to ‘Tower War’.
  • Hitting ‘Escape’ in-game brings up the game menu.
  • Rewrote chat window to use a more traditional interface.
  • Misc. Features

    • Rollcoon monster!
    • Doors and context-sensitive object commands.
    • One new spell – ‘Gust’ for Monk.
    • ‘Slime Runner’ wasn’t working properly – now it does.
    • Screen resolution / window size is now saved and can be modified from the options window.
    • Hitting ‘x’ now centers the camera on the selected character.
    • Double-clicking on characters in the HUD now centers the camera on them.
    • Changes

      • Maps are more visible indoors.
      • Enemy HUD is now in the upper-left corner rather than the lower-left.
      • Buffed ‘Heal’ spell.
      • Reaching 0 respawns in Tower War results in effectively permanent death.
      • Engine Upgrades

        • For RPG-like mods, new accounts can be created.
        • Massive server speed improvements.
        • Server now caches object distances – it takes a healthy chunk of memory, but drastically improves CPU usage.
        • Major upgrades to camera functionality.
        • Dialogue improvements – it no longer steals game control.
        • Bug fixes

          • Order icons at the end of paths are now drawn correctly.
          • HUD no longer crashes on occasion.
          • Remade map background to tile properly.
          • Fixed a few pathing errors.
          • Tower War now resets the camera between rounds.

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