Harmonia Demo v1.1.0 update

Harmonia v1.1.0 will now be released on March 8th.

Hey there, folks. I’m sad to announce that the March 1st release date wasn’t met (blargh!) due to some unexpected bugs that cropped up during the last week. Releasing broken games is lame, so I’ve been focusing on stability for the last week rather than play-testing and adding some extra polish. That’s the goal for this week, at which point it will be time for release. The good news is, the new version is pretty fun, most if not all of the serious bugs have been squashed – stable server is super-stable! The official Harmonia server was running for two days straight and, with bots playing against each other, reached at least round #1038 without crashing. I’m calling that a victory! 🙂

Here’s some video footage with some commentary:

What’s in the next version?

The Deathmatch mode was good, but didn’t take advantage of how tactical the Harmonia battle system is, so now there’s a “Tower War” mode that can be played both single- and multi-player! It’s pretty straight forward: Red vs Blue, each team has a tower, defeat the other team and destroy the tower. There are some bots to play against or aid your team to make things more interesting 🙂 Characters that die respawn back at the base with reduced health and an ever-increasing respawn timer, so reinforcements are weaker and less frequent as the game progresses. When a tower is destroyed, the round resets.

The “Battle Arena” game can now be played multi-player. When playing with friends, each player gets their own small force, but monster spawns are multiplied for each additional player. If 10 monsters are set to spawn the first round, 10 will spawn when playing alone, 20 will spawn when playing with a friend, 30 with two friends, and so on.

There’s also a new (and very necessary) HUD that displays the condition of your characters, allies, and enemies. Due to overwhelming complaints, my favorite italic font has been replaced (boo hoo!) with something more readable at higher resolutions. It doesn’t look great for blocks for text, but it’s really nice for headers and character names in the HUD. Finally, single- and multi-player have a fancy new “New Game” window for the selection of mods or game types.

Screenshots, ahoy!

New Game Window Destroying The Blue Tower Big Red vs. Blue Battle

— Simon (Synival)

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