Harmonia Demo v1.0.0! – Battle Arena

Well, folks, after over a year of quiet work, it’s time to start releasing stuff! As Harmonia approaches completion (if such a thing really exists!), I’m going to release monthly demos which contain everything finished thus far. This demo is of the battle engine – can you survive ~15 rounds of monsters swarming your force?! Download and install Harmonia from, and test your skills!

This is just a preview of the combat system. The “real” game will have much, much more adventuring 🙂

Download Harmonia Demo V1.0.0 – Battle Arena

Battle on the Beach
Battle on the Beach
Our Force's Inventory
Our Force’s Inventory
Cast of Characters
Cast of Characters

What’s in this demo?

  • The Battle Arena – Harmonia’s first official mod!
  • Harmonia’s strategic combat system (excluding magic and skills)
  • 5 difficulties, from “Newbie” to “Impossible”.
  • An early version of the inventory and equipment management system
  • Three biomes: plains/forest, crystal forest, and swamp
  • 20 different monsters to defeat in the arena
  • A revamped interface, introducing single player mode

What will (or should) be the next release?

  • Working magic and skill interface for players
  • Multiplayer support, with cooperative and deathmatch modes
  • Game/mod selection – “Battle Arena”, “Classic Deathmatch”, etc.
  • An improved user interface to help monitor your force’s HP, MP, orders, etc.

Have fun!

— Simon (Synival)

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