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Unlockables! What should we have?

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    Let’s say we can roll our own characters with a little in-game cash, and the options we have available are unlocked over time or with achivements. What sort of stuff should we have?

    Off the top of my head:

    • Classes
    • Races
    • Hairstyles
    • Faces
    • Spells

    What other stuff can be thrown at new characters?!

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    Is this for initial characters or things to work on and accumulate?

    One of the things I noticed in the Kickstarter was the ability to clear kingdoms for new players to start in, taking part in these campaigns should provide titles that people can work on. This could be displayed on a history page which shows a player’s titles gathered and campaigns they’ve taken a part of!

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    titles, land rights, Ships, houses, support npcs, mounts, ai scripts, spells, emotes, storys, spirtes styles, loot, special attacks, pets, mini games, collectables, trophies, abilites, tools, ecconomies, more character slots, trade, more map area, more monsters, more bosses, a controller allowances, hot seat gaming, map building, colors thats what i can think of for now, maybe more later this game is so epic i am really looking forward to contributing

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