The Facts

Studio: Baroque Creations
Director: Simon Bielman
Team Size: 3 (Simon Bielman, Miles Vancura, Lang Schmitt)
Founded: January 2013
Location: Madison, WI (USA)
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Baroque Creations makes games of antiquity – games in the styles we remember fondly from our childhood. Our inspiration stretches back to games on 8-bit consoles, beginning with the NES, and stretching into the 16-bit era and beyond. We are also huge fans of early PC gaming: roguelikes (Rogue, Hack, Nethack), text-based adventures, and old DOS games like Commander Keen. But most of all, we make the games we want to play.



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The Facts

Genre: Online/Offline Tactical RPG
Platforms: Windows, Linux (TBA), Mac (TBA)
Release Date: September 2015


Harmonia Tactics is an online tactical RPG — build a force, complete quests, and clash with deadly monsters or powerful player-controlled teams. Explore an infinite, procedurally-generated world filled with quests to complete, enemy forces to battle, and kingdoms continuously falling under enemy control as war rages across the land. Inspired by tactical RPGs from the 16- and 32-bit era, Harmonia Tactics brings the experience online.

Harmonia Tactics can be played as a single-player or multi-player game. It can be an MMO, RPG, or skirmish match, and can be played with any number of mods released for the game. Action is real-time, rather than turn-based. When the battle starts, time slows down, giving players greater control of their force’s actions.


The realm has Harmonia has been at peace for as long as long as time remembers – until the “Dissonance” came. It has bled into our realm from a place unseen; into our Kingdoms, corrupting the populace and igniting a world-wide civil war, and onto the countryside, transforming creatures into twisted monsters or demons. Armies have gathered to fight the Dissonance and push it back into its realm – and it’s up to YOU to make it happen.


Download Screenshots Package from Nov. 26, 2014 (32 Screeenshots)

Sample Images:

  • Harmonia Tactics New Game
  • Harmonia Tactics Tower War
  • Harmonia Tactics Sprites
  • Harmonia Tactics Inventory
  • Harmonia Tactics Sprite Editor

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Press Quotes

“Breathing a good bit of new life into a genre some may find stale, Harmonia Tactics is worth checking out on account of its ambition alone.”

– Julian Aiden, Hardcore Gamer
“Hopefully someday we will also be able to create our own modules because Harmonia Tactics seems like a game that would be just as fun to mod as to play (and it’s certainly plenty of fun to play).”

– Andrew Harris, Alpha Beta Gamer