QuadraDigger release!

qd-splash-featuredBaroque Creations is proud to officially release our latest project: QuadraDigger.  This free block-stacking puzzle game features Game Boy-inspired graphics and sound and can be played on almost any HTML5-capable browser*.


You need to dig a hole to reach the center of the Earth!  Don’t ask why, it’s not important!  Rotate and arrange the blocks to fill the gaps in the dirt and blast your way down.  Clearing more blocks at once creates bigger explosions and more points.  The game looks familiar, but you will quickly find that it behaves in unexpected ways:

  • Blocks do not fall on their own, rather, the ground moves up.
  • Blocks can be placed on walls and ceilings, not just on the ground.
  • Explosions cause blocks above to fall and collapse into different shapes.
  • Filling the spaces between dirt blocks triggers an explosion even if it doesn’t span the entire width of the well.
  • Blocks can be moved upward.

Give it a try! Blow some stuff up! Betcha can’t make it all the way to the bottom!

Play QuadraDigger

(seriously, play it right now)

*Tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.  Music is currently non-functional on mobile devices due to a limitation in HTML5 for mobile browsers.

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