Harmonia Tactics Kickstarter is LIVE + v1.5.1 release!

After over two years of preparation, it’s finally here – the Harmonia Tactics Kickstarter is LIVE until April 22nd, and we have a brand new Engine Demo of Harmonia Tactics for you to download! Grab it at our campaign page by clicking the link below, and check out our new page.

We’ve put a lot of work into this campaign, and we’re really excited to finish Harmonia Tactics as the amazing Online (and Offline) Tactical RPG we’ve envisioned. Help us liberate Harmonia from the Dissonance… Your kingdom is counting on you!

Harmonia Tactics on Kickstarter


Changelog for v1.5.1:

Super Secret Content

  • Wouldn’t you like to know!


  • New ‘Golem’ monster added to Battle Arena.
  • Can now put website links in text boxes.
  • More racial variety in random character generation.
  • Caps lock now disables sprite overlays.
  • Improvements to audio based on distance.
  • Some bad looking animations now look better.
  • Renamed ‘Birdsoldier’ to ‘Hunter’.
  • No more movement grid – it looked dumb.
  • Sprites now support hue shifts based on region lightness.
  • Lots of crucial bugfixes.
  • Fixed a lot of asset management issues. Much more sane now.
  • A whole bunch of additional sprite accessories.

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