Better Stats and Attributes

HUD Tooltips in Action
Stats in HUD

If you’ve looked at the HUD, you may have noticed some mysterious little icons in the upper-right corner. So far, they’ve just sat there, but as of the next build public build, they’re no longer just for show!

Each icon represents statistics, attributes, and status effects for your character. At a glance, you can easily identify who is weak to magical attacks, who has a bonus against bashing enemies, who has a debuff, and more useful stuff. For convenience in the heat of battle, this information is also displayed when you hover over a character on the map.

Mouseover Stats
Stats on mouseover

Because this is such a simple, straight-forward way to represent a character’s strengths and weaknesses, much of the game is being rebalanced and reworked internally so you’ll never have to pop open a giant status window. If this turns into information overload, we might scale it back a bit, but for now, we’re going to push this system to its limit.

For a list of all current icons and what they mean, check out the post linked here.

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