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Action Adventure Animal Breeding Arcade
Art Game Beat 'em Up Board Game Building Sim
Bullet Hell Business Sim Card Game Children's Game
Cooking Dance / Rhythm Dating Sim Deathmatch
Dress-Up Educational Fighting First-Person Shooter
Flight Gambling Gameshow God Game
Life Sim Light Gun / Point-and-shoot Maze Military Combat
Music Nintendo Hard Painting Pinball
Platformer Point-and-click Adventure Procedurally-Generated Puzzle
Quicktime Events QWOP-like Racing Sim Real-Time Strategy
Robot Programming Roguelike Role-Playing Game Run 'n' Gun
Sandbox Shoot 'em Up Sport Management Sport Sim (not racing)
Stealth Storycentric Strategy Survival Horror
Text-Based Third-Person Shooter Tower Defense Typing
Virtual Pet Virtual Reality Wagon Adventure Zero Plot