Current version:0.0.2
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Bort’s Bender

Created during GameJolt’s 18th Arbitrary Game Jam (or TAGJam18) in January 2015, Bort’s Bender was hastily assembled in the space of 72 hours, the product of a random-keyword generator, some mad skills from our main developer, and an immense amount of caffeine.

The game took the grand prize, despite being little more than a not-at-all-copyrighted drunken teenager’s masterpiece-defacing, dog-stomping rampage through a museum of fine art.  Or perhaps because of that.  Yes, definitely the latter.

The Story

Our hero, the delinquent teenager Bort, has gotten himself totally splinched on that most dangerous of hallucinogenic substances, Notcohol™. Now he’s careening through the Nathaniel P. Habernasher Memorial Art Museum on his skateboard, tagging as many paintings as he can before the museum’s crack team of guard spaniels can catch up with him … assuming all that Notcohol™ doesn’t take him out first.

Bort’s Bender was developed with the Harmonia Engine, so it runs on all the same platforms. A Mac version will eventually be released, as soon as the Harmonia Engine is ported.

Bort's Bender gameplay
Take THAT American Gothic