Harmonia Tactics Kickstarter is LIVE + v1.5.1 release!

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After over two years of preparation, it’s finally here – the Harmonia Tactics Kickstarter is LIVE until April 22nd, and we have a brand new Engine Demo of Harmonia Tactics for you to download! Grab it at our campaign page by clicking the link below, and check out our new page.

We’ve put a lot of work into this campaign, and we’re really excited to finish Harmonia Tactics as the amazing Online (and Offline) Tactical RPG we’ve envisioned. Help us liberate Harmonia from the Dissonance… Your kingdom is counting on you!

Harmonia Tactics on Kickstarter


Changelog for v1.5.1:

Super Secret Content

  • Wouldn’t you like to know!


  • New ‘Golem’ monster added to Battle Arena.
  • Can now put website links in text boxes.
  • More racial variety in random character generation.
  • Caps lock now disables sprite overlays.
  • Improvements to audio based on distance.
  • Some bad looking animations now look better.
  • Renamed ‘Birdsoldier’ to ‘Hunter’.
  • No more movement grid – it looked dumb.
  • Sprites now support hue shifts based on region lightness.
  • Lots of crucial bugfixes.
  • Fixed a lot of asset management issues. Much more sane now.
  • A whole bunch of additional sprite accessories.



BIG NEWS: Final Public Release + Kickstarter Announcement!S

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Our Final Public Release

The latest version of our engine demo mostly focuses on speed improvements, bug fixes, and clean-up for future features. Not a feature heavy release, but for my computer, my framerate has doubled, and gameplay feels much cleaner. Not too bad!

Get the goods here (changelog).

Why is this our last public release? Because soon, we’ll be launching…

The Harmonia Tactics Kickstarter Campaign!

We’ve been working like madmen for several months to prepare for this announcement – on Monday, March 23rd, 2015, 8:00am EST, Harmonia Tactics will be launching a fundraising campaign! Our goal is to raise $25,000 to complete our online gameplay and add heaping boat-fulls of new content.


Official Trailer

Why Kickstarter?

Harmonia Tactics was always intended to be a game where players could explore, build their team, join forces, and face-off against powerful armies in an online battlefield. We’ve been expanding and tweaking the game engine for years now to create the perfect model for this online game, and now the time has come to finally finish it. In the beginning, we were a team of one (yours truly), but now we’ve quadrupled our forces to four to tackle this ambitious project.

We’ve come as far as we can without funding. The groundwork is there; now we need the art, characters, music, storyline, world, and everything else for a fulfilling gaming experience. With proper funding, we can work full-time to produce this stuff and finish the game for a December 2015 release!

The Dissonance is Coming…

“After a long, long age of peace, Harmonia’s tranquility has been shattered. It started with reports from the outlands, of once-peaceful wildlife attacking wanderers. Then came bloody riots and uprisings on the borderlands, seemingly without cause. And soon, in the hardest-hit, bleakest regions, demonic armies emerged and seized Harmonian fortresses to use as their strongholds, to launch further invasions into the heart of the realm.

“From Kingdoms near and far, the best magicians, priests, and mystics gathered together to divine the cause of the chaos that gripped their nation. The answer troubled even the mightiest of them: the magical forces that bound the world together and created order were beginning to unravel. Where the landscape had grown vulnerable to spiritual intrusion, an alternate dimension was bleeding into Harmonia’s own.

“In a last-ditch attempt to ensure the survival of civilization, the realm has put out a call for heroes from all species and walks of life, to turn the tide of the chaos that threatens to engulf their home. On an ever-changing battlefield where the world they once trusted grows violent and hostile, can these heroes beat back the Dissonance and restore balance to Harmonia?”

Our Plan for Harmonia Tactics

Team-based Tactical Gameplay. Each player will control four characters at once in a team composed of characters selected from their account. Players can move their team around as a single unit, or split their characters up and let them explore independently. Every character is free to roam the realm using the mouse or keyboard, but when there’s fighting nearby, they must take turns in our real-time tactical combat system. Like most RPGs, characters will level up and gain equipment to improve their fighting prowess.

Harmonia Tactics Tower War

Infinite World. The world of Harmonia Tactics will be divided into a grid of several small rooms called sectors. Each sector on this grid will be set in a different biome, each with its own unique set of monsters, encounters (see ‘Encounter-Driven Gameplay’ below), and a possible building or structure. We have six biomes planned so far – 4 are nearly complete:

Liberating The Kingdom. Kingdoms are scattered all over the realm. In the heart of each lies a throne room in a large castle, surrounded by cities that dwindle into small villages as one approaches the Kingdom outskirts. The invading Dissonance is corrupting each Kingdom from the inside-out, engulfing the entire realm in civil war. As the war rages, Kingdoms will constantly switch sides between the Harmony and the Dissonance. It’s your job as the player to clear out the Dissonance from each Kingdom by assaulting the throne room and defeating the boss. But, you can’t do it alone – as you push towards the throne, you must join forces with other players to defeat the increasingly difficult swarm of enemies in your path, culminating in a long, glorious, epic battle in the throne room. Defeating the boss will revert the Kingdom back to a peaceful state… for a time.

1 - Terrain vs Kingdom

Liberating a Kingdom has great rewards. Not only will you get to loot the treasure room with your comrades, the entire Kingdom will open itself up to the world, full of shops stocked with unique equipment, new characters to recruit from the local tavern, and new quests offered from NPCs. For achievement-hunters, you’ll get a badge for each Kingdom you help liberate, and get your name on our score board.

Encounter-Driven Gameplay. As you explore the world map, new rooms will throw different random encounters at you, such as a horde of monsters, a wandering merchant, an enemy patrol, or a lucky treasure pick-up. The difficulty of the encounter will depend on the population of the sector (from empty wilderness to bustling castle) and the level of Dissonance (from peaceful to enemy stronghold). Many encounters will have multiple paths to victory, and your actions may affect later quests down the line. For example, sparing an enemy general from death may persuade him to join your team – but turn some of your allies against you.


Rogue-Like Elements. Harmonia Tactics is the kind of game where you sit down, start a new game, and play over and over again, rather than building up a single party over weeks or months. Each playthrough is a new experience from start to finish with random characters, random equipment, and random encounters in a random corner of the world. New characters will join your team as you adventure onward (no more than four at a time), and they’ll level up quickly so you’ll get a piece of the action without days of grinding.

In rogue-like tradition, when characters die, they’re off your team for good. Rather than being killed-off from the game entirely, they’ll return to your account, reset to Level 1, and be available for your next playthrough. This means rare characters earned from complicated quest chains or challenging encounters will be unlocked for all time, giving all players more interesting team choices the longer they play on their account.

The Character Cycle

Financial Breakdown

For an ambitious project like this one, $25,000 doesn’t stretch as far as you’d think. We’d like to give our project a $3,000 buffer for Kickstarter expenses, reward expenses (shipping and time spend on individualized gifts), taxes, and other unforseen expenses. That leaves $22,000 to be divided evenly between programming, story content, art, music, server and website maintainence, etc. Among the four of us, that leaves $5,500 apiece which should support us for six months of hard work: exactly how much time we need.

This is the minimum budget we need to deliver a satisfying version of Harmonia Tactics – however, we have several stretch goals with exciting new content and features prepared if the crowdfunding gods deem us worthy of additional cash. To name a few: more player-vs-player features, extra biomes (the Moon?!), support for iOS and tablets, and much more!

How You Can Help

1. Donate $10 to purchase the game early. Want to get in on the ground floor? Donate $10 to our Kickstarter Campaign and you’ll receive a free copy of Harmonia Tactics with early access. Connect directly with the developers in our forums, suggest ideas, offer feedback, and check out new features as they come in, fresh out of the oven. Help us polish the game so it’s fantastic on launch day!

2. Donate more to fund our work. Of course, the more you can give, the more you’ll get from Harmonia Tactics. Every $50 we earn translates to roughly one hour of work on the game for us, which means more content for everyone!

3. Spread the word. Just like fighting the Dissonance, you can’t do it alone. Let others know what we’re trying to do here. Post on your favorites forums, reddit, Facebook, Twitter, talk about it in the office, show your friends our trailer, shout “Harmonia Tactics” as loud as you can on the bus… whatever! It helps us a lot more than you’d think.

4. Tell everyone you know to give at least one dollar on day one. You might not think one dollar goes very far, but every donation pushes our ranking up on Kickstarter and puts that many more eyes on the project. We’re hoping to be on the front page with this one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Harmonia Tactics an MMO?
A. Yes, and no. We’ll have servers running 24/7 to handle the bulk of player traffic, but you’ll still be able to play the game single-player and open private servers yourself. We have no plans to let characters or accounts be transferrable between servers, so if you want to build up an army, we suggest you play on the most populated hubs.

Q. Can I play single-player?
Absolutely. If you’re playing solo, the difficulty curve will be scaled accordingly so you won’t need large teams of players for the more difficult battles. Plus, there will always be game modes that are playable solo against the AI or with bots (like ‘Battle Arena’ and ‘Tower War’).

Q. Can I host my own server?
A. Absolutely. Harmonia Tactics is packaged with the server and several mods for smaller games. If we have the time, we’d like to program a “mother” server that makes player-run servers easily accessable for everyone in the “multiplayer” menu.

Q. Will I have to be connected to the Internet to play?
No way! You’ll only need Internet access if you want to play online, for obvious reasons 😉 No authentication necessary, and all account/character information is stored locally on servers.

Q. Can I have a team greater than 4 characters?
A. We’ve talked about the possibility of unlocking more in-game team slots through heroic feats of player control, but we first need to see how well players will react to our gameplay, make refinements, and settle the final numbers during the alpha/beta phases. We may even lower the team size to 3 if larger parties prove overwhelming for most players.

See you on March 23rd!





♫ I’ve Been Workin’ on the World Map ♪♬

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Hi folks, Miles here.  You don’t usually hear from me; I’m usually backseat driving for Simon or burying my head buried in the server’s guts, but I’ll be taking a bit more of an active role in publicity going forward.

Now that the combat engine is playable (and rather fun, if I do say so myself…), our attention turns to the mega-game in Harmonia Tactics: the liberation and defense of regions on a kingdom-wide scale. Our first task: developing a world map that allows players to see the relative strength of friendly and unfriendly forces overlaid on the terrain. The map needs to show both hostility and density levels that update as dominance shifts in each region. The players can then decide where to focus their efforts and where to steer clear of.

We’ve gone through a number of iterations already, and we’re nowhere near done trying things. Most of these are cooler-looking than they are actually useful.

Our first attempt: Just a single color axis + icons showing region density.
This one came to Simon after consuming five or six bags of Skittles. Somewhat headache-inducing, we have two color axes at work: green-red for hostility with blue value added for density.
This one came to Simon after consuming five or six bags of Skittles.  Somewhat headache-inducing, we have two color axes at work: green-red for hostility with blue value added for density.
Simon thought of this one after crashing out from the five or six bags of Skittles. It relies entirely on the icons with no color spectrum.  Looks better up close, and density is quite clear, but it's hard to see the hostility levels.
Simon thought of this one after crashing out from the five or six bags of Skittles.  It relies entirely on the icons with no color spectrum. Looks better up close, and density is quite clear, but it’s hard to see the hostility levels.
This one has the opposite problem: very easy to see hostility, but density is not nearly as obvious because the icons are more difficult to see inside their little colored bubbles. Is this giving anyone else the urge to play Bubble Bobble? No?  Just me...?
This one has the opposite problem: very easy to see hostility, but density is not nearly as obvious because the icons are more difficult to see inside their little colored bubbles.  Is this giving anyone else the urge to play Bubble Bobble? No? Just me…?
Trying out some different patterns inside the bubbles to indicate safety vs danger to the player.  Pretty difficult to discern at a distance though.
Trying out some different patterns inside the bubbles to indicate safety vs danger to the player. Pretty difficult to discern at a distance though.
Since the inner-patterns were hard to read, now we're experimenting with changing the shape of the bubbles.  Friendly circles vs angry pointies. STILL kinda hard to see at a distance. Also further refining the color spectrum: Blue = safe Green -  Red = Low – High occupation Purple = Evil nightmare fortress
Since the inner-patterns were hard to read, now we’re experimenting with changing the shape of the bubbles. Friendly circles vs angry pointies.  STILL kinda hard to see at a distance.  Also, check out the ultimate evil purple nightmare fortress.

Here’s how the color/icon scheme works.  Density is indicated by a structure icon, ranging from uninhabited to fortress, which appears within an occupation bubble indicating friendly or enemy dominance in the region.  The color spectrum is more of a composite of these two attributes, intended to show general hazard level.  Friendly areas appear in blue from dark to light according to density.  This allows the players to see safety on the map and help them avoid combat when travelling.  Hostile areas range from green to red and light to dark with dark purple reserved for the largest enemy strongholds.

There’s still a lot more to hash out and we’re far from finished.  Stay tuned…




Release for Linux+Windows! Harmonia Tactics Engine Demo v1.4.3

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After rigorous testing, the Linux version of Harmonia Tactics is confirmed to be stable, so here’s the latest version for both Linux and Windows!

What’s New?

Harmonia Tactics Facial Hair
Facial Hair + New Beaks for Birds
Harmonia Tactics Winterforge
New “Tower War” Map: Winterforge

…and more! For a full list of changes, check out the full changelog below.

Full Changelog


  • New “Tower War” map: Winterforge.
  • New music track for Winterforge.
  • Several OpenGL fixes and efficiency upgrades.
  • Male characters now sport facial hair.
  • Bird characters have a variety of beaks and possible face/beard styles.
  • Move range is now displayed in combat and while holding “shift”.
  • Rollcoon is now a monster in “Battle Arena”, with new spell animations.
  • Scary Halloween monster near the end of “Battle Arena”.
  • New, better-looking animated water.
  • Individual maps can specify their time of day.
  • Distributable Linux binaries!
  • “Tower War” now broadcasts messages when towers are under attack.


  • Priest’s “Heal” spell just got a BIG buff, so… heal more!
  • Multiplayer balance changes to “Battle Arena”.
  • MP3 files replaced with OGGs.
  • JPG files replaced with PNGs.
  • Camera is no longer glued to characters in “Character” keyboard mode.
  • Height bonuses are now calculated by angles, not tile height difference.
  • Magic attacks are no longer effected by height bonuses.
  • Messages at the top of the screen now have black bars for extra visibility.


  • No longer possible to walk up steep walls using WASD.
  • Can no longer be pushed up steep walls either.
  • Shadows now properly draw on bridges, rather than on the water below them.



Linux, beautification, and a new map!

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Linux Version in the works!

We’ve been hard at work producing a one-size-fits-all distributable Linux version, and it’s almost there! Our Linux build (32- and 64-bit) is almost ready to roll out – once testing on a few more machines and distros, it should be safe for worldwide consumption. After that’s taken care of, it’s time to get the Mac build up and running, then we’ll have the “big three” done. 🙂

In addition to that, we’ve been livening up the look and feel of Harmonia Tactics with new tilesets, effects, and more possibilities for character styles. Here, have some screenshots!

Movement Range During Combat

While fighting or holding shift, characters can now see how far they can run in a single turn. We’re still playing around with this feature to make it more useful, but it sure does look nice!

Better Water

The old water texture has been remade, with fancier effects! Here’s the water used in the winter tileset. It’s a bit lighter than its warmer overworld counterpart.

Facial Hair, Better Faces for Birds

Nothing is complete without big, bulky, man beards and epic mustachios. In addition to facial hair, the bird’s face has been split into separate beak and facial pieces, allowing them to mix-and-match their looks just like their non-avian counterparts.

New Map – Winterforge

Wooden bridges span across snowy cliffs in this frozen land. A boiling-hot factory nearby contains a special artifact to supercharge your team, increasing their damage threefold for one minute. But beware – the place is HOT, so prepare to leave as quickly as you came!

Additional bug-fixes, changes, and miscellaneous features

  • Added a fancy, slicked-back hairstyle for men.
  • Camera controls are a lot less frustrating – but still not perfect!
  • Can no longer move onto excessively-high cliffs with the keyboard.
  • Can also no longer be pushed onto those same cliffs.
  • Replaced mp3 files for ogg files.
  • “Auto-grab mouse” is now disabled by default (which should have been the case in the last release!)