About Us

baroque (bəˈrəʊk), noun:

1. a style of architecture and decorative art that flourished throughout Europe from the late 16th to the early 18th century, characterized by extensive ornamentation

2. a 17th-century style of music characterized by extensive use of the thorough bass and of ornamentation

3. any ornate or heavily ornamented style [src]


creation (kriːˈeɪʃən), noun:

1. stuff we made. it’s usually stuff like games.

We make games of antiquity – games in styles we remember fondly from our childhood. Our inspiration stretches back to games on 8-bit consoles, beginning with the NES, to the 16-bit era and beyond. We are also huge fans of early PC gaming: roguelikes (Rogue, Hack, Nethack), text-based MMOs called MUDs, and old DOS games like Commander Keen. But, most of all, we make the games we want to play.

…Our team also has a background in music, which means our games are not just retro – they’re baroque.

Our Team

  • Synival

    Simon Bielman (Synival)

    Class: Coffeemancer

    Level: 99 + 1

    Programmer, composer, and head of development, Simon is the brains behind every foolish and poorly-executed decision here at Baroque Creations. If something goes wrong, this is the man to blame. However, he means well and, on rare occasions, something he programs works as intended. For that reason, he is allowed to roam freely within the confines of his coding dungeon, under the usual constant surveillance.

  • Miles

    Miles Vancura (Metafarion)

    Class: Internaut

    Level: 64 gB/sec

    This rare, majestic creature has been spotted tinkering with our servers, designing our websites, and oiling the gears of the ever restless Baroque Creations machine. Miles works behind the scenes, residing deep within the seldom-seen data jungles, safely hidden behind the thick, digital foliage of the magnificant oaktr0n trees and baud vines.

  • Lang


    Class: Raconteur

    Level: 117 wpm

    When Synival tried to teach a robot how to love, he instead created Lang, Baroque Creations’ automated generator of words and stories – which, sadly, thinks he’s people. Keep Lang’s tanks full of equal parts motor oil and tea, and he’ll generate world flavor, plots, sidequests, random encounters, and press copy, while emitting only moderate amounts of lethal radiation. Truly a wonder of our modern age!


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