Better Stats and Attributes

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HUD Tooltips in Action
Stats in HUD

If you’ve looked at the HUD, you may have noticed some mysterious little icons in the upper-right corner. So far, they’ve just sat there, but as of the next build public build, they’re no longer just for show!

Each icon represents statistics, attributes, and status effects for your character. At a glance, you can easily identify who is weak to magical attacks, who has a bonus against bashing enemies, who has a debuff, and more useful stuff. For convenience in the heat of battle, this information is also displayed when you hover over a character on the map.

Mouseover Stats
Stats on mouseover

Because this is such a simple, straight-forward way to represent a character’s strengths and weaknesses, much of the game is being rebalanced and reworked internally so you’ll never have to pop open a giant status window. If this turns into information overload, we might scale it back a bit, but for now, we’re going to push this system to its limit.

For a list of all current icons and what they mean, check out the post linked here.




Harmonia Tactics Lives!

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“Reports of Harmonia Tactics’ death have been greatly exaggerated.”

— Mark Twain

As a matter of fact, development has been moving along rapidly since July. There have been plenty of engine upgrades, art improvements, new content, and other interesting developments in the last few months. There’s a ton of stuff to show off – here’s a little taste of some of our new assets:

New Harmonia Tactics Logo
Shiny new logo!
Smoking Angel
dat crown

Why the hiatus?

  • Moving. Back in April, my wife and I left our cozy little apartment in Berlin and moved back to Portland, Oregon. Since we were potentially leaving Europe forever, we took the time to travel around for a few weeks on a shoestring budget, which was pretty awesome. Did you know that Budapest is the sexiest city ever? It’s like playing Castlevania – just call me Simon Belmont. Should have brought a whip. Anyway, we touched US soil back in June, and have steadily been setting our lives back up. Minus having a car, we’re pretty much good right now.
  • QuadraDigger! Believe it or not, Harmonia Tactics is a gargantuan project for our tiny team, so, after working on it for so long non-stop, it was high time for a break and QuadraDigger is the answer. It didn’t take especially long to code the gameplay, but getting all the fine details right so it was ready for public launch took a few months. There are still a few bugs to work out, but we can finally move onto bigger and better things. Speaking of QuadraDigger, it’s super fun, and totally free – wanna play it? ;) </shameless-plug>
  • Millions of little things, namely website work, some internal restructuring, long-term planning, and lots of boring mundane tasks that take up more time than you’d think. It’s easy enough to post images to Twitter, so I’ve been active there, but blogging is a different animal that typically eats up valuable coding time. That being said, I’m committed to blogging actively this month, so look forward to some pretty neat things.

More stuff coming soon!

If you’re impatient and want to get the goods as they come out, I’d follow me on Twitter. Later!

— Synival




QuadraDigger release!

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qd-splash-featuredBaroque Creations is proud to officially release our latest project: QuadraDigger.  This free block-stacking puzzle game features Game Boy-inspired graphics and sound and can be played on almost any HTML5-capable browser*.


You need to dig a hole to reach the center of the Earth!  Don’t ask why, it’s not important!  Rotate and arrange the blocks to fill the gaps in the dirt and blast your way down.  Clearing more blocks at once creates bigger explosions and more points.  The game looks familiar, but you will quickly find that it behaves in unexpected ways:

  • Blocks do not fall on their own, rather, the ground moves up.
  • Blocks can be placed on walls and ceilings, not just on the ground.
  • Explosions cause blocks above to fall and collapse into different shapes.
  • Filling the spaces between dirt blocks triggers an explosion even if it doesn’t span the entire width of the well.
  • Blocks can be moved upward.

Give it a try! Blow some stuff up! Betcha can’t make it all the way to the bottom!

Play QuadraDigger

(seriously, play it right now)

*Tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.  Music is currently non-functional on mobile devices due to a limitation in HTML5 for mobile browsers.




New(-ish) Site!


bq_two_color.pngLook, everybody! The site redesign is finished! (or as finished as these things ever are).  I’ve tested it as thoroughly as I can, but drop me a line if anything doesn’t display properly.

New features include:

  • Responsive layout from 360-1440px
  • A custom font which we’re very proud of
  • Social network login
  • Actual complete catalogue of our games!
  • A nav that doesn’t sometimes collide with page content!
  • A new backend that makes way more sense! (I guess you guys won’t get to enjoy that as much as we will)